How to Maximise your Sales on Facebook by using this simple Technique?

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Although, most of the people are aware about how to create  Facebook Ad & to reach targeted audiences, but eventually many of them left almost nothing in their hands after spending hell lot of hard earned money out of their pocket into promoting their Product & services to the Audiences of Facebook.


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Only it  could be possible by hitting the user’s psychological behaviour & their pain points.

We have to identify our Target audience’s Interest & behaviour.


In short, Generating sales is not only about how effectively you create the Facebook ad, but it’s also up to how effectively you target your niche audiences,


Here you can Approach your targeted audiences simply by using this easy & effective SALES Funnel :


Break the Promotional Approach into steps & cater your audiences as per their response  to your Ad


It is General Approach, most of the Internet marketer, Affiliate Marketer, Service providers, Bloggers, E-com are using this Methodology while approaching their Prospected Targeted Audiences on Facebook,

Here’s some Tricks which i am going to mention here with Practical Examples that how an Advertiser could approach its target audience & close it to a SALE by using this simple sale funnel technique.

Boost your sales with digiwits


What i have done, simply i break the whole process of promotion in  steps, Contents & promotional Strategy is also changed at every step,

If you would approach Mass audience with one content Promotional approach then it will not work, What you need to do is to create a Funnel as per  your product’s nature.

If i break this Funnel & Say, sending niche traffic to My website without knowing the objective, will be useless for me,

First of all, I have to identify my objective for Ad that what exactly i would like to achieve ?

If  I am Selling Online Products or softwares / Tools then drive traffic to landing page,  people should be landed to the Particular page which comprises the relevant information along with the Credibility of info, Add on some worthy testimonials or Videos to that page with an Instant ‘Buy-now’ button.


Retargeting of Ads : Here’s the answer why should we do remarketing, Showing your ad repetitively  as per the Behaviour of Visitors on your website,

How they surfed  your website,Visited specific pages, Sign up , add to cart, Purchase, etc the Possible activities a user could do on your website, then run ad to the specific audiences as per their taken action.

Let’s make it in a simple way, for example, If a visitor went to ‘specific page of a product’, but didn’t make any purchase,  what would be the possible reasons for this, he/she might have looked on pricing.

Here re-marketing Starts, An Offer curated Ad, showing Exclusive discount to that Custom Audiences only who visited that page but didn’t make any purchase.

Doing that in a frequent manner could actually generate more numbers of Conversions, although it is applied by almost every Advertisers nowadays.


But i Emphasize on not to rely on these technical things only, all you need to focus on Apply your sales funnels to that ad which actually caters your niche audience & solve their Pain points very effectively & build your credibility among your audiences.


Increase Email Subscribers’ List via Facebook Ads

Same as, we  can do for getting a Hot Lead from the crowd of our niche audiences & can create a List of Audiences which can be used frequently by sending offers related to same  products & services to  that collected list of email ids,

Remember, Email List of your niche audiences is the Cheap, best & most successful method of  creating very good numbers of Sales for your business.

Email conversion rate are gone upto 40% of the List, It’s time & Money saving approach as always but need to be executed very cautiously.


Here’s you can get to know the Key things to remember while growing your email list


All you need to do for creating an  effective facebook ads that converts your traffic into Leads or Sales.


  • A Perfect Landing page
  • Niche audience to approach( Interest wise, Job title wise, Demographic)
  • Custom audience creation for retargeting
  • Create a list of subscribers, Show’em your updated offer enriched Ads as well.
  • Create a promotional content for Retargeting Ads


Here you can get to know about how to create Facebook ads & Doing Remarketing for your product & services.

In case, if you Have any query, any suggestion you can simply write to me & drop your  feedback & requirement on same so that i would try to give my best opinion to it which would definitely help you out.


Overview : If you identify & hold on  your audiences, you will definitely rule your business, it’s beyond any tools & technicalities, You must be knowing the pain points of your audiences & always offers better solutions to their problems.


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