Key Facts to consider while setting up Re-targeting Ads

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It is Proven fact that re-targeting your Prospective customers in a manner could get you frequent conversions within an optimal cost.

You could target only those visitors who have previously shown interest in your product & services on your website or blog.

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There many Advertisers or businesses spendthrifts lots of hard earn money on the Campaign & its optimisation on retargeting of ads, few of them tastes success, few of them still battling with the weapons with monetary casualties.

Here i will tell you how to save your productive time & hard earn bucks which you could have learnt by pouring money on ads, but all you need to know about the mistakes which is been done by many advertisers while planning a sales campaign for their product & services.

In my earlier Career stages, me too experienced failures while doing this, just sharing my experiences on same so that you too could save your Productive time & Money & reap the benefits out of it.

Let’s get down to business,

Today, we will catch up how re-targeting actually works & what’s the impact of retargeting of ads on the sub-conscious mind of your audiences.

And at-last How re-targeting of ads can be done effectively on Facebook?

When newbies enters to a market, the big challenge for them is to penetrate the niche market & hold on their optimal share into it by creating credibility among masses, i.e. Brand Positioning.

If you fails to convey to your niche audiences that what you are & what you exactly offers to them, it’s over! no matter how good you are in providing services or maintaining quality.

Matter is, You positioning your right product which actually solves the problems of the needy one’s that would be your right audience at the right time.

I always emphasis on identifying audiences before taking any action, Once you find your audiences & their behaviour, Interest & location, You can go ahead.

Once you finalized Your audience, ask yourself one again in context of users that

Does my product or services actually  solve their problems for what they are looking for ?

It actually will work to refine your audiences,


Remember, the more niche or refined your audience is the more chances to get as many as conversions with optimal conversion rate because your Your product or services are relevant to the audiences & their pain points.

Now Secondly, you have to retarget that refined segment of audiences frequently,

retarget of ads

Why we need to retarget?

Here’s the most common but essential thing is coming in,

  • We need to Display product & services to our  defined audiences frequently. For a long time if we are simply introducing our product or services first time. So that they could really know that we too exist in the market.
  • Brand positioning continuity to maintain, of-course if we take a long appearance gap,actually would lead to loss of credibility. To maintain that decorum we have keep present in market with new USP’s contents & offers always.
  • Recall their Interest in product.Show relevant products to specific audiences on various social platform or search engines or websites who shown interest on our specific products earlier. It actually could re-call their Interest or could create a purchase mood again if previously they could stop buying it due to some reasons.


SOMETIMES, if retargeting do over or most frequently or could actually lead to Banner blindness,

Banner Blindness  Often audiences start ignoring ads which might appear on their Facebook feeds or walls which repetitively appears in a same manner.

Product /article Blindness : Same as frequently seeing the same product could lead to Product blindness resulted you stop getting leads or conversions or people might lose interest  in your things

Question is How could you come to know that you are the becoming the victim of such Blindness with your ads?

All you need to see your insight reports, i.e. Adwords reports, Facebook adverts or any email autoresponders reports via you are usually re-target your audiences.

Although there are many insights which let us know about the same, we take it CTR( click through rate)

Click through rate is a % (percentage) of Clicks on your Ads/call to action button over Impression or Reach

For example, if your ad has got 1000 website clicks & 10000 impression or reach then your CTR rate will be 10%.

Generally it lies between 10%-25% in most of the cases, sometimes it might go up to 40+% as well if your Ad copy is creative content enrich & talkative. ( will discuss on how to create effective ad copies).

But suddenly you came to know the blindness is occurring when  CTR is started dropping & if could drop up-to 1% then you need to rush your ad to the digital Doctor ASAP.


Here are some Do’s list which you need to follow while creating a Retargeting Ad & you could be able to save your Ad with such Blindness.


  • Change or Replace  the Content after a stipulated time period. You must change your content & always bring in some engaging content with offer curated which could influence your audiences such as if you showing your ad with 10% discount then, You can add any complimentary thing, increase the discount for a time upto 15% to those who have been seeing the ad of 10% discount. ( an effective content strategy is sharing with you all shortly ) 
  • Change the Image/Banner ad. It’s the major factor of Banner blindness, you should always change your banner images after a certain period of time, Psychologically, i would recommend it to change after every 7 days.
    • Shuffle your products after a certain time if you are showing your ads on facebook.
  • Switching over the Ads to different locations.  If you have the same audience in two different locations, then you can swap your Ads or slightly change your content as per the requirement.
  • Focus on Showing Ad in Limited frequency reach.  Generally, it irritate users if they would see an ad more than 5 times in a day, so set your frequency of a AD appx 3 times a day.
  • Optimise Placements.  You can change the content as per the devices responses, if sometimes Blindness occurs only in desktops, it still perform well on other devices.
  • Show exact relevant ad to your target audiences. It would be better if your audience see what they left previously instead of seeing irrelevant ad in which they are not interested.
  • In case of emails, Change or improve the  Subject lines while sending emails to your audiences
  • If it runs on google adwords then on display ads, Optimise the placements by Excluding specific websites which are receiving very less clicks but more impressions.


Although, it is not that much of hectic & technical work, simply all we need to get the consumer  psychology behind this, if we could able to do so , we will make it.

Please write me if you have any question on same, i will try to figure it out & resolve it at my best.

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