Why Should you choose Facebook Advert to Promote your Product & Services?

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As Facebook is becoming the first choice for selling or promoting Product & services online, even most of the giant e-commerce portals prefers to showcase their products over it & also it’s becoming the first choice for launching any Product or service.

Reason is here, almost every target audience is available and they all are actively surfing this social media platform,

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If we talk about the daily activity on Facebook,

As per the last Q4 earning report (2/1/2017) of Facebook, 66% of Facebook monthly users were reported to use it daily , Source : (Investor.fb

Daily active users were counted 1.23 billion on average for Dec 2016, an avg increase of 18% a year.

If we talk about Facebook Mobile usage, a good number of internet users are seen

Mobile Daily active users were 1.15 billion on average for Dec 2016, an avg increase of 23% a year.

Moreover, Facebook business advert has renovate itself in  a very refined manner if we talk about reaching target audiences.

Why should we go for Facebook Advert?

Of course you can make a good social media presence, authenticated  Recommendations/reviews which influences other people,

I would recommend it because of,

Effective ways to reach Targeted Audiences : Facebook is having broad categories of audiences in terms of Demographic, Interest wise & Behaviour wise.

One of my favorite section on Facebook Advert  is “Audience Insight”, I usually explore my audiences over here before diving into the advert,

You can check your audience Insights, by clicking on

Go to Audience insight tab & see the people who matter to your business most so that you could & set your audience according to the insights.

Somewhat Facebook has improvise itself to target professionals as well, One can find his/her audiences as per the  ‘Job title’ , ‘Field of study’ & ‘profession’ basis, see below the Snap shot of One of my client’s Ad copy,

You can easily get to know the Interest & behaviour of your audience.

Re-targeting process methodology has been improved & refined, (custom parameter & URL tracking), more refined custom audiences can be created.

Target Users who have visited your blog or website previously but didn’t make any purchase.

Go to Facebook advert account, you see a Tab on header, Just click on it,

Then go to ‘audience’ Tab & click on ‘Create Audience’

Create Custom Audiences

Here You can Target, people who visited your website, or any specific pages or on the basis of certain amount of time,

Also you can  Target your ad to a List of Email Ids received via Facebook ads.

It’s Truly amazing  & working as many clients of mine are getting benefited, as you must be knowing that how re-marketing Plays an significant role in achieving benchmarks in Targeting your niche or refined audiences.


Of course, it is affordable & less expensive than other Platforms

Product display ads , Create Product catalogue to display your Products & have a tracking by applying custom Parameters

An Effective lead generation tool : You can Prompt your targeted users to fill a Customised Form comprises of your Product or services related questions in form of LEAD, by using ‘Lead Generation campaign.’

Create Rules Here’s one more tool to automate your overall campaign, you can set your campaign, raise your bids, turn off ads just by creating rule for your ads.

Although it also has few limitations,it is not a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo! Users could not search what they are looking for,  Facebook is only a display network medium, Users can only see the product on his/her news feed or wall. So we can not target people who are looking for any product or services.

But still it works, the way it is displayed on the wall/news-feed of users with many Call to action methods, is absolutely amazing.

Overview : Facebook is a good platform to start with your product & services, You can reach to the masses you target, simply by applying few Marketing tactics & strategies, because it’s not only about how effectively you are using these social media platforms, it’s about how would you approach your audience & above all how much you know your audiences, Do their Pain points are matching with your solutions ?, Does matter !

I will share with you how to strategize your marketing funnel which give you a Handsome number of sales, to start with Facebook, in my next blog.

In case, if you Have any query, any suggestion you can simply write to me & drop your  feedback & requirement on same so that i would try to give my best opinion to it which would definitely help you out.


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